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Support our Campaign: “Farming in Burundi”

The aim of this campaign is to help farmers improve agriculture through a sustainable approach that helps them fight poverty and become self-reliant.

By raising sponsorship money and donations we want to be able to provide farmers with a loan with which they can rent or buy raw materials, machines, labor and resources in order to optimize their farm brewing process.

“It is my with to be able to produce more, and not only to provide for my family, but also to fight hunger generally.”

Arody Nahimana, Farmer in Burundi

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The Story of… Arody Nahimana

The farmer with whom the pilot project will be initiated is Arody Nahimana, born in 1970. She lives with her husband and daughter in Kajaga, a small town in the municipality of Bujumbura in Burundi.

In 2018, Arody has received her Bachelor diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation of Impact on Community Development Systems from Summit International Institute (SII, www.sii.edu.bi). Since then she has been working as an independent small farmer in the village of Rukaramu in the municipality of Mutimbuzi, province of Bujumbura.

Thanks to financial support from her husband and family members, Arody has been able to rent a plot of land measuring approximately 30 x 60 meters. The harvest is partly offered for sale on the market and partly consumed by her family.

Arody is an energetic and enterprising woman. Her wish is to be able to produce more and not only to provide her family with food but also to fight against famine. Arody is looking for financial support to be able to buy or rent another piece of land to scale up her production. In addition, she also finds it very important to create employment opportunities for her fellow residents. Support for small farmers or peasant women like Arody not only means a lot to Arody but also to the inhabitants of her village and the region. With this support, local self-reliance can be promoted.

The Local Coordinator: Jean Marie Nibizi

In Burundi, Jean Marie Nibizi will work to guide Arody and maintain the connection with Global Development Africa in the Netherlands. Born in 1962, Jean Marie lives with his wife and 6 children in Bujumbura.

Jean Marie has a university degree and has gained international experience from his various studies and working visits in the USA, Germany, England and South Africa. Jean Marie is currently working as a pastor. He is also chairman of the Shine organization.

Through Shine, Jean Marie has taken initiatives to educate communities and raise awareness of human rights and security issues, peace building, job creation, environmental management and other areas that support sustainable development in Burundi. The aim is to provide opportunities for local communities that support the environment, society and the economy.

With his expertise, enthusiasm and energy, Jean Marie will train and guide farmers in Burundi for Global Development Africa.

Because of COVID-19 your help is now even more needed

The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals for the year 2030. The second goal is to achieve an end to hunger. In addition to the fact that this is already an ambitious goal in any case, this goal becomes even more difficult in the times of COVID-19, because the developing countries are even more severely affected by lock-downs, lack of social distance options, poor hygiene and limited medical Services. As a result, your support for this campaign is even more necessary. Developing countries are already struggling to sustainably facilitate harvests and food supplies due to conflicts, food plagues and climate change. COVID-19 is now added as an extra factor.

40 – 85% of all food producers, read farmers, are extra affected by the pandemic. This also applies to Burundi. Through our direct contacts with farmers and coordinators in Burundi, we want to use the sponsor money and donations as optimally as possible and thus contribute to obtaining a better resistance to these complicated factors.

Your money is well spent. Donate now.

About us

We, Global Development Africa (GDA), are a Dutch foundation. We see the value of cross-border cooperation to promote the development of poor countries. The foundation is led by both Dutch and African (Burundian and Kenyan) volunteers.

As a foundation, we have set the following goals:

Access to global developments
GDA wants to expand information and awareness through both personal approaches and through modern internet communication. Peace processes are also included in this. Reuse, sustainability and fair trade have already taken a significant leap forward. Public health improvements and poverty reduction are especially important in Africa.

Global collaborations
Africa is undergoing major development, in which exchanges of knowledge and skills offer opportunities for further expansion.
African migrants can spread their knowledge in the world. GDA also wants to bring entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and African countries into contact with each other.

Children and youth are the future
By educating children they can grow up to be strong youngsters. By helping young people in training for a profession, future generations will also be able to give their children a good upbringing and training. GDA wants to help people find work as well as create opportunities to form schools and vocational education in Africa, for the empowerment of young people.

Using your own strengths
Everyone has their own talents and strengths, which are often insufficiently tapped. Development of personal power gives self-awareness and creativity to shape life. GDA wants to tap into personal resources that can provide a direction for the future.

Finding a good place in The Netherlands, Africa or elsewhere
Maintaining your own culture within the context of other rules and customs requires research and consideration. In the Netherlands, it is not always self-evident for migrants to find their own place in society. Up-to-date knowledge and help with further activity are indispensable when returning to the country of origin.

Expansion of possibilities
From a local perspective, opportunities for healthy growth can discovered, from which everyone can benefit by working together. A peaceful society is possible by combating poverty and by educating people about their own resources and possibilities.