About us

Global Development Africa (GDA) is a Dutch foundation founded in 2007 by African migrants in the Netherlands. The foundation is led by both Dutch and African volunteers. We see the value of cross-border collaborations to advance Africa’s development process. In addition to the African population, the target group that GDA focuses on is also African migrants in the Netherlands.

Global collaborations
Africa is undergoing major development, in which exchanges of knowledge and skills offer opportunities for further expansion.
African migrants can spread their knowledge in the world. GDA also wants to bring entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and African countries into contact with each other.

Access to global developments
GDA wants to expand information and awareness through both personal approaches and through modern internet communication. Peace processes are also included in this. Reuse, sustainability and fair trade have already taken a significant leap forward. Public health improvements and poverty reduction are especially important in Africa.

Focus on training and development
By educating children they can grow up to be strong youngsters. By helping young people in training for a profession, future generations will also be able to give their children a good upbringing and training.

Using your own strengths
Using your own strengths Everyone has their own talents and strengths, which are often insufficiently tapped. Development of personal power gives self-awareness and creativity to shape life. GDA wants to tap into personal resources that can provide a direction for the future.

Finding a good place in The Netherlands, Africa or elsewhere
Maintaining your own culture within the context of other rules and customs requires research and consideration. In the Netherlands, it is not always self-evident for migrants to find their own place in society. Up-to-date knowledge and help with further activity are indispensable when returning to the country of origin.

Expansion of possibilities
From a local perspective, opportunities for healthy growth can discovered, from which everyone can benefit by working together. A peaceful society is possible by combating poverty and by educating people about their own resources and possibilities.

Who we are

Global Development Africa has three board members, an executive body and various partners in The Netherlands and Africa. The current board is comprised of the following members:

• Antoinette Harerimana – Chair
• Madeleine Munyankiko – Treasurer
• Anna Schimmel – Secretary

The executive body works in a variety of ways with advisory groups and volunteers. Do you also want to help as a volunteer for GDA? Fun! Contact us via our contact page. We would love to meet you.

Annual Reports

Thanks to everyone who supports us or with whom we work, we can achieve directly measurable results on a small-scale level. We strive for sustainable initiatives that offer an effective solution against poverty and other problems. Read our justification in the 2020 Annual Report (Dutch) to see how GDA contributes to a better world.

Older Annual Reports are also available:
2019 Annual Report (Dutch)
2018 Annual Report (Dutch)