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Together with the local partners, Global Development Africa wants to provide some targeted vocational training in the Innovation Centre in the state of Bujumbura, Burundi. This Innovation Centre provides development and an opportunity for personal growth, entrepreneurship and self-reliance for the Burundian population and the business community. With this we stimulate the economic and social progress of Burundi from its own strength. The Innovation Centre also contributes to other GDA projects, such as the Farming in Burundi project. Training courses for Burundian farmers can be provided in the Innovation Centre.

The Economy of Burundi
Burundi is rebuilding after more than two decades of civil war. An average citizen lives on money that is far below a living income. This is because 40% of the population is unemployed. Most of the unemployed are young people who have had fewer opportunities to learn a profession because of the civil war. At the moment there is still little chance of getting a vocational training, even in the capital.
A large part of the rural population has moved to the port state of Bujumbura in search of a safe place. This created a large concentration of people here, which resulted in intensive use of the hotels and restaurants. At the same time, these places lack qualified personnel and a good standard of hygiene and health care.

Goal of the Innovation Centre
GDA wants to give the population an impulse by developing an Innovation Centre that will also function as a meeting centre between the population and local companies. Young people are given the opportunity to follow vocational training and companies are guided to improve their products and services. This creates synergy between young talents and the business community.

What will the Innovation Centre look like?
Local production of brick from river clay started in 2013. Local building materials are used, made by the people themselves. The production process has been improved from traditional to using modern brick. Under the guidance of local professionals, the foundation of the Innovation Centre was subsequently laid. This phase was made possible, among other things, by funding from the Ten Brinke Foundation.

In addition, the Innovation Centre will serve as a meeting and business centre. A restaurant will also be set up, linked to the training, where young people can gain work experience and earn a source of income. Internships and collaboration will be arranged with local hospitality industry.

The construction of the Innovation Centre in 2019

Project plan
GDA is currently raising funds for the finishing and furnishing in order to actually start the activities. The focus is on finishing the spaces on the ground floor in order to be able to start here as soon as possible with the guidance of small farmers and the associated training. Furthermore, a sewing workshop will be started.

The kitchen installation will then be prepared. There will also be a possibility to eat there. An ICT training will start at a later stage. Ultimately, the ambition is to develop a multifunctional building with a meeting space, various offices and an information/health centre.

When this Innovation Centre is fully operational, this experience can be used to expand to surrounding developing countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and Malawi.

Want to know more about this project? View photos of the construction of the innovation centre in our photo album.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to develop. Are you helping too?
Together with donors like you, GDA provides an opportunity for education and development for young people and entrepreneurs in Burundi. For a small contribution you help with the development of our Innovation Centre. You can support our project by transferring money to the bank account of Global Development Africa. This can be done easily via the donate button below.

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