Campaign: Farming in Burundi

The aim of this campaign is to help farmers improve agriculture through a sustainable approach that helps them fight poverty and become self-reliant.

By raising sponsorship money and donations we want to provide farmers with a loan with which they can rent or buy raw materials, machines, labor and resources to optimize their farm brewing process.

Through knowledge transfer and guidance, supported with a financial investment, a farmer will gradually be able to learn to improve the quality and quantity of the harvest. As a result, the farmer will be able to conduct their business sustainably, realizing continuity, growth and profit. This creates a better business climate and contributes to the independence and commercial strength of the local entrepreneurs. By doing this in the form of a loan that will have to be repaid, the farmer feels a natural obligation to achieve results in order to meet this obligation.

We are starting a pilot project with one farmer: Arody Nahimana. On the map below you can see where Arody has her land in Burundi. For this pilot, we have set ourselves the target amount of €3,500 to help Arody on her way to further develop her business.